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White Fillings Specialist

Martin A. Chee, DDS -  - Dentist

Martin A. Chee, DDS

Dentist located in Union Square, San Francisco, CA

At his practice, Dr. Chee offers white, composite fillings to patients throughout San Francisco from his office in Union Square. These techniques can offer natural-looking results to damaged teeth and assist patients with feeling more confident with their teeth and smiles.

White Fillings Q & A


What are White Fillings? 

A white, composite filling is a tooth-colored filling which is made from glass and plastic mixture. They are used to restore decayed or damaged teeth. Composites are preferred by patients because they are more aesthetically pleasing than metal amalgam fillings, they are white and can be tinted to match the shade of a natural tooth. 

How are White Fillings Placed?

After the present decay has been removed and the interior of the tooth is cleaned, the dentist will place the composite resin into the space left after the cavity removal. The composite is applied in layers. A light is commonly used to harden each layer. When the space has been filled completely, the dentist will buff and shape the filling to look natural and sit correctly with the other teeth. To prevent early wear and staining, the composite is polished. 

What are the Advantages of White Fillings?

White fillings are frequently preferred since they look similar to a natural tooth and don’t leave the top of the tooth with a gold or silver center. The color of the composite can be created to match the color of the surrounding tooth. Composite resins also bond with the tooth which supports the remaining structure of the original tooth. This can assist to prevent damage when the tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures.

What is the Cost of White Fillings?

Prices can vary, however, composites can cost twice as much as gold or silver fillings. Most major dental insurance providers have a plan to cover the cost at least up to the price of the silver fillings which is then applied to the price of the white fillings. This means the person would need to pay the difference. White fillings are becoming more and more advanced and many dentists prefer them. As this continues to be the case, insurance providers will likely increase the amount which is covered.


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