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Pinhole Gum Procedure Specialist

Martin A. Chee, DDS -  - Dentist

Martin A. Chee, DDS

Dentist located in Union Square, San Francisco, CA

For San Francisco patients, Dr. Chee is one of the only providers of the revolutionary pinhole gum procedure. This treatment can help repair gum shrinkage while being minimally invasive. Patients can visit Dr. Chee’s Union Square office to undergo this advanced treatment.

Pinhole Gum Procedure Q & A



What is the Pinhole Gum Procedure?

The pinhole gum treatment procedure is designed to address receding gum without having to cut. The most important element of the pinhole procedure is that the dentist performing the procedure does not have to use a gum graft. Instead, a pinhole needle is used and there is no cutting at all. The gum tissue can then be shifted down with very little trauma to the tissue itself. Collagen strips are often used to stabilize the gum tissue and helps the body heal itself and regenerate more collagen.

How Long Does the Procedure Last? 

The results should be permanent and last as long as a traditional gum graft procedure. When the gums are taken care of and a person avoids over-brushing the tissues, the results can last many years.

Does the Pinhole Procedure Cure Gum Disease?

The procedure is not designed to cure the disease, but repair the damage the disease has caused. Patients will work to rid themselves of gum disease prior to the procedure.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The pinhole gum procedure usually takes around one to two hours and one session. This can address the entire mouth at once, however if patient’s want to work on one area at a time that is also an option. The patients will have local anesthetic applied and will only need an over-the-counter pain reliever after treatment.

What Happens During the Procedure? 

The affected teeth will be cleaned and prepared first.  Then, the gum tissue is numbed with the local anesthetic. Above the tooth or teeth in the gum, a small entry point is made. The dentist will then use a specialized instrument to free the gum tissue at the entry point and gently shift the gums down to their correct position. Next, several collagen strips are inserted through the entry point and placed under the gums using a small angled instrument. Up to 14 teeth can be treated in one to two hours.


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